Pickens CARES Photo Gallery

March of Dimes WalkAmerica - April 26th, 2003 - Courtesy KE4HGX:

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The whole motley crew!
Group Photo
John - W5UGD yammers and Chris - KG4UOY, Amor - N2FY look on...
W5UGD at Orientation
Carl - WD4CD, Phil - N2ARB
Carl & Phil
Wes - KS4XQ at the command post
Wes - KS4XQ
Linda - WD4LD takes a load off at the command post
Linda - WD4LD
The Command Post
The Command Post
John - W5UGD, Wes - KS4XQ, Linda - WD4LD at the command post
John, Wes & Linda
Group photo - Best view of everyone
Group photo 2
Gretchen - KE4HGX, Lowell - KK5JZ, Amor - N2FY
Gretchen, Lowell & Amor
John - W5UGD, Gary - KF4YKX,  Wes - KS4XQ
John, Gary & Wes
Christopher - KG4UOY, Lowell - KK5JZ
Christopher & Lowell
Linda - WD4LD talks with visiting amateurs
Linda w/ visitors
Carl - WD4CD talks with Phil - N2ARB
Carl & Phil

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