This is ____________, net control for Skywarn. The net is on alert. We are under a ___________ watch. A __________ watch means the conditions are possible severe weather. (Do roll call & recognize.) Anyone who is available to participate in the net please call __________, giving your name, call sign and location.


Can anyone help by being a liason to other Skywarn nets?


Just to remind everyone participating in the Skywarn net & especially to those who have not had the opportunity to attend Spotter classes, the NWS particularly wants reports consisting of:

1.     Damaging wind 50mph + or,

2.     Torrential rain Rate of 1 per hour or more or,

3.     Flash flooding - & or traffic slowed or stopped by roads flooding, or

4.     Hail (penny size) or larger.

Any other reports only tie up the frequency when important or life saving information could be reported. So PLEASE keep reports for severe weather only.


Feel free to use the repeater, but leave room between transmissions for weather reports.


Net Control Note: Repeat the severe weather watches and warnings until they expire. Keep track of them.




This is ___________, net control for SKYWARN. The SKYWARN net is now activated. There is a __________ Warning in effect for (give information as to county, path, time expires). Please direct all comments through net control. Anyone who is experiencing bad weather at this time, call ___________ and please be brief when giving your report.


Net control note: People will panic and yell into the microphone, be patient with them and use a calm voice and reassure them. We DO NOT chase storms or ask anyone to chase them. It is too dangerous.


**NO LESS THAN EVERY 10 MINUTES: State the status of the Skywarn Net, what the warnings or watches are in effect. Ask if there are any severe weather reports at this time. Give the list (above) of items to be reported.



This is _________, my name is ____________We are now securing the SKYWARN NET. I would like to thank everyone for their participation. Also those who stood by, but did not have any bad weather to report. Everyone's co-operation was greatly appreciated. I now return the repeater back to regular amateur use.