Pickens County ARES Net Procedure




CQ CQ CQ, Calling the Pickens County Amateur Radio Emergency Service Net…

This is CALLSIGN. My name is NAME and I am your Net Control Station for this evening.

Is there any EMERGENCY or PRIORITY traffic at this time?


The Pickens County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, or ARES, is sponsored by the American Radio Relay League.  The purpose of ARES is to furnish Emergency Communications when regular communications fail or become inadequate during natural or man-made disasters.

When ARES is activated, it operates under the Pickens County ARES Emergency Communication Plan, coordinated by the ARRL appointed Emergency Coordinator.

This net is scheduled each Monday evening at 8pm on the 146.70 Foothill’s repeater with a tone of 107.2


The purpose of this net is to provide the opportunity for members to receive information and training that will help them better respond when needed.

This IS a directed net.  When checking into the net, please give your call sign S-L-O-W-L-Y in phonetics, followed by your name, location, and indicate whether you have comments for the net. Please remain on frequency until after the formal part of the net. If you must secure early, please ask permission from the Net Control Station.

After all business has been conducted, the net will be declared informal.


Stations with Traffic or Announcements ONLY, please call CALLSIGN:


(acknowledge stations; copy traffic if any or ask if they would like to make their announcement now or after the roll call)




We will now call amateur stations by suffix; Stations wishing to check into the Pickens County ARES Net with the suffix A through Q, Alpha through Quebec, please call CALLSIGN:


Net Control has the following stations listed as checked in:


Have I missed anyone Alpha through Quebec, please call CALLSIGN:


Net Control acknowledges the following stations:


Stations with the suffix R through Z, Romeo through Zulu who would like to check into the Pickens County ARES Net, please call CALLSIGN:


Net Control would like to acknowledge the following stations:


Have I missed anyone Romeo through Zulu, please call now:


Net Control acknowledges the following stations:


We will now accept check-ins from all stations Alpha through Zulu. If you would like to check into the Pickens County ARES Net, please call CALLSIGN.


Net control would like to recognize the following stations:


Are there any other check-ins at this time?



(Make your announcements / call those who stated they had announcements if any…  Ask if anyone has any questions or needs any fills afterwards. Call for additional check ins every couple minutes. )




I would like to thank you for checking in this evening and hope to hear from you again next week. This concludes the formal portion of the Pickens County ARES Net. All stations wishing to secure may do so at this time.


We will now have informal comments (or close if no comments)


XXXXXX, please go with your comment to the net. CALLSIGN.




(Use callsigns from suffix list above).


After the informal comments ask if there are any further comments, questions or check ins, if not, close the net.



Stations with additional comments or questions for the net, call CALLSIGN.



Having no further comments or traffic, we will now close the Pickens County ARES Net at ________PM and return this repeater to normal amateur use.

Thank you for checking in, please be sure to check in again next week at 8:00PM.  CALLSIGN.




























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